Dia Mirza

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza won the IIFA 2012, Green award for her contribution towards a Greener environment.

Dia has been conscious of and working towards a greener environment right from her childhood. Born to a father who was an industrial designer who refused to take on a lucrative offer from a company to redesign their factory only because he discovered they are spewing effluents in a nearby river was bound to make Dia environmentally conscious.

download DIA MIRZA wallpapers
download DIA MIRZA wallpapers

What started as an assembly directive in school permeated into every quarter of her growing up years and adult life. Turning of the switches of fans,lights,etc each time she left the room to carpooling with her friends to go to school, sports club or a birthday party. Turning of, the tap when she brushed her teeth and not turning on the water heater beyond the time it was needed and if she ever forgot to do so she was reprimanded so sternly that she never forgot again!

The scientists raising alarm bells on the Ozone depletion was possibly the reason that triggered the action in her school and at home, looking back she is extremely grateful to her elders for reacting to this information and for not being passive towards to it.

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Dia Mirza said on receiving this honor, “To believe that you can make a difference is the beginning of change, to be recognized for your efforts is the catalyst that inspires you to further be the change that you want to see. I am grateful that IIFA continues to recognize efforts that are made in the direction of making our world a better place to live in, and I hope that I continue to be a small part of a movement that believes in doing their bit for today and tomorrow…”

What made the occasion more special was a personalised message from Justice Verma (Former Chief justice of India and Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission), “Just heard that you have received the IIFA Green Award for your admirable work in the field of Environment protection, which is a fundamental duty of every citizen under Article 51A(g) of the Constitution, though neglected by most. You richly deserve the honour. I have been greatly impressed by your commitment for the cause with maturity far ahead of your age ever since you met me. Hope you continue the good work with the same vigour. Congratulations & best wishes for more future laurels.”

Whenever Bollywood actresses have done Bengali films in the past, they have ”never been heard”. From Aishwarya Rai (CHOKHER BALI) to Manisha Koirala (KHELA) to Bipasha Basu (SHOB CHORITRO KALPONIK), the B-town beauties have always been dubbed by local actresses or voice artistes. But for PAANCH ADHYAY, her first regional film, Dia Mirza has dubbed her Bengali lines herself.


Dia, whose mother is a Bengali, plays the half-Bengali Ishita, an English school teacher, in the film co-starring Priyanshu Chatterjee and the legend Soumitra Chatterjee. ”I would say my Bangla was decent before I filmed PAANCH ADHYAY and post filming, spending time in Kolkata, conversing with so many people during my time there, it has only gotten better. I still would like to learn to think in Bangla,” says Dia.

An exclusive event was held at Volte Art Gallery in Colaba, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India presented awards to three companies for their outstanding contributions to advancing the cause of animal rights. The recipients were Born Free Entertainment, The Body Shop and Lush Cosmetics. Actor Rahul Khanna presented a Leadership Award to The Body Shop for inspiring generations of consumers to buy cruelty-free products and to Lush Cosmetics for tirelessly campaigning for compassion in the manufacture and testing of toiletries.


On behalf of Born Free Entertainment, actor Dia Mirza and writer and director Sahil Sangha accepted PETA India’s Hero to Animals Award from PETA India’s chief functionary Poorva Joshipura for depicting the rescue of a homeless dog in LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI. Dia Mirza also accepted The Body Shop’s award in her role as brand ambassador for the company.

“I aim to inspire the public to be kind to animals through everything I do and am honoured to receive PETA awards for Born Free Entertainment and The Body Shop,” Dia said. “Films and cosmetics are an everyday part of people’s lives, and it feels amazing to know I am part of motivating people to adopt homeless dogs and to make cruelty-free buying choices.”

PETA commends Born Free Entertainment for setting a positive example for movie fans to follow by showing that homeless dogs make wonderful additions to families.

In the Bollywood film LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI, the characters portrayed by Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan pull over to rescue a young dog sitting in the middle of the road. When no guardian appears, the couple decides to bring him home, where he stays forever and is showered with affection. For showing that homeless animals make wonderful additions to families, Born Free Entertainment – the film’s production company – has won a Hero to Animals Award from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.

download LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI wallpaper
download LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI wallpaper

”We give LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI ‘two paws up’ for reminding moviegoers that India’s streets are full of loving animals in need of a good home,’ says PETA India Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura. ‘We encourage everyone who has the time and resources to care for a dog or cat to adopt a homeless animal in need – you’ll have a loving companion for the rest of his or her life.”

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In India, approximately 25 million homeless dogs struggle to survive on the streets. Many of them go hungry, are injured or killed, are hit by vehicles or are abused by people. Countless others are kept in animal shelters because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Every time a dog or cat has a litter, it means fewer homes for the dogs and cats who are languishing in animal shelters or roaming the streets. PETA encourages prospective cat and dog guardians to adopt from an animal shelter or take in a homeless animal from the streets and never to buy from a breeder or a pet store. PETA also reminds guardians to get their animal companions sterilized.

In the Bollywood film LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI, the characters portrayed by Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan pull over to rescue a young dog sitting in the middle of the road. When no guardian appears, the couple decides to bring him home, where he stays forever and is showered with affection. For showing that homeless animals make wonderful additions to families, Born Free Entertainment – the film’s production company – has won a Hero to Animals Award from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.
Actors-turned-producers Zayed Khan and Dia Mirza are all keyed up about their first movie, LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI (LBZ).

download LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI wallpaper
download LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI wallpaper

In a tete-a-tete with an acclaimed trade analyst, Zayed Khan and Dia Mirza talk about their experiences.

LBZ is produced by Zayed Khan, Dia Mirza, and Sahil Sangha, backed by Sahara Motion Pictures.

Explaining their reasons to turn producers for this movie, Zayed said, “Producer might have a different idea, agenda..aur unki bhi sunni padegi…probably in the due process we would lose the flavor of the movie in this way…” Dia added further saying, “We became Producer because we wanted absolute creative control.” However Dia also raised a concern saying, “Logon ka perception about producers is very unfortunate.”

A take away from the experience, after turning Producer, Zayed Khan and Sahil Sangha believes that ‘Har Actor ko Producer banna chahiye, kyunki unhe tab hi paise aur time ki value samajh me ayegi.’

Talking about her Bollywood career till date, Dia said, “Perhaps the longest time, I haven’t been casted in the lead parts. The truth is, Agar aapki film superhit hai, toh sab apko cast karenge whether you have the talent or not. If you have the looks and half the talent, it will work.”

Answering about his experience, Zayed shared, “There have been times when you work with brilliant people but it doesn’t pays off for you.”

Talking about her Love and Zindagi, her love in life Sahil Sangha, Diya said, “I am blessed that, I finally found my life partner and marriage is just a formality which will happen in due course. I and Sahil were seeing each other before the movie started.”

No one can dispute the fact that Zayed Khan  is one of the best looking actors in the industry today. And these good looks have always won him fair amount of attention from the opposite sex. So much so that Zayed does not recall how many girls he actually dated before marriage.


All these details are Zayed Khan’s own confessions. The actor is kicked about the fact that his upcoming film LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI sums up the experiences of being at different stages of a relationship.

Talking about his playboy tales, Zayed says, “My university days were great fun. I was spoilt for choice and it felt like a buffet of sorts. I have had my share of fun and can hardly recall some faces who I dated during those days.”

Currently Zayed has two big reasons to celebrate, one is his film LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI (his first production movie) and the other his second child. It seems Zayed cannot wait to let this excitement reach its date faster. As for his playboy tales, the actor fondly lets those memories co-exist in his current days too.

LOVE, BREAKUPS, ZINDAGI is up for Dussehra release and there were a few who have wondered how the first time director and a co-producer Sahil Sangha would have actually ended up helming a project that features over half a dozen principal characters. For someone like Dia Mirza, the film’s leading lady who has acted in over 30 films, one expects her to share an objective view at the state of affairs instead of being biased since Sahil happens to be the love of her life.


“Hmm okay, so I will tell you the honest truth,” says Dia after a short pause, “And the honest truth is that those who have already seen the film refuse to believe that Sahil is a first time director. So even though you may feel that it is a biased view, I am sure you too would have the same reaction when you watch the film yourself.”

One hopes Dia indeed means what she says because stakes are quite high for them when it comes to LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI.

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“I can tell you from outsider’s perspective as well,” she gives out that high voltage smile, “When the film was being shot, our DOP who happens to be someone as senior as Aseem Bajaj complimented Sahil by appreciating him for the kind of clarity that he comes with. Now that’s something that I realized as an actor during scripting sessions as well as actual shooting days. He is quite open minded and receptive”

Detailing her experience, Dia says, “I remember how there were certain moments in the film when Zayed and I felt that a scene could be set in a particular way. We would approach Sahil with these ideas and he would say that ‘Okay, let’s first do it my way and then we will do it your way. Later we will include what we all feel is the best for the film’. Of course he would eventually have his own way and today when we see the film as a whole, Zayed as well as I realise how correct Sahil was all this while.”


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