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Helpful hints in Stretching an Oil Painting

Oil paintings on canvas are consistently mounted on inner, wooden frame bars (a stretcher) prior to framing. A stretcher is a wooden support that a canvas is attached to for reliability. A frame around the stretcher, in addition to complementing the look of the painting, supplies additional support for the canvas. A capable image framer […]

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Why Portrait Painting?

As an oil painter, there will certainly come a time that you will definitely be asked to produce a portraiture. Or possibly, you have actually consistently wanted to be recognized as a portraitist. There are many reasons why portraits are painted, most of which concerns the sitter, the individual whose portrait you will paint. The […]

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The Healing Power of Art + Play

As a visual artist and transformative art facilitator who has lead over 400 group experiences, I have long witnessed the power of art to heal, empower, and transform. One of those moments stands out more than the rest. A few years ago, I was hired by The Wellness Community of Philadelphia to design and lead […]

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